Taking into account CORONA virus (covid-19) situation we would like to share our experience and practice how to work remotely in our industry. TEBIN is always working online by providing engineering and consultancy services for Europe from engineering centers in Ukraine without borders and communication barriers so effectively!
Now we support our clients, partners, anybody from AEC industry to setup work online and remotely. To do they do they business and provide services but not just to close office and not to kill global economy and their business!


‣ YES! It is possible!
‣ Even more efficient! You do not spend time for traveling.
‣ You can use the situation to improve your business and not lose.
‣ It is saver today, you are not using public transport.

Stay calm, no panic, it is most important for start.


You have to believe first that it is possible and do smarty business transformation and know what to do, not just change. Ability to change is very low as specially in corporate organizations and large scale organizations. Introduce some simple standards and workflows:
‣ Manifesto. Why we do it? What is the value?
‣ Exchange Information Requirement. What we do?
‣ Execution Plans. How we going to do it?
You have to know something about program management and change management. We know!


BIM as common platform for teams, locations and technologies
‣ Remote Desktops from your office. You can make your office infrastructure work and leave you power there just by connecting form home via any simple laptop
‣ Setup CDE (Common Data Environment) platform to insure that teams working collaboratively
‣ Work together in one model from your home, all trades (Architects, Engineers) or synchronize systematically (hourly, daily, weekly)
‣ RFI, design reviews, clash reports, transmittals, issues and markups within virtual team, with Client, with suppliers using CDE
‣ We in TEBIN use BIM 360 Design, BIM360 Docs, BIM360 Collaboration, Revit Server, Tekla Model Sharing as CDE platforms



If you fully own the data you can work with them, analyze and make decisions better the others:
‣ BIM (Building Inflation Model) as an informative repository and single source of data
‣ Reliable realtime accessible information
‣ Accurate and actionable information
‣ Quality of information


‣ e-mail will not work, it is not efficient, it just consumes time
‣ Use communication platform to ensure that remote virtual teams communicate without any barriers, like they are sitting in one office
‣ Teams can unite by projects and one common goal
‣ Teams can unite by separate small teams and stay insulated (departments, tasks, buildings…)
‣ Chat available, f2f and in groups with @ pointing by person
‣ Video calls available, f2f and with large group, with video recording option if somebody has no possibility to join in the particular time
‣ Share Desktop function available for large group
‣ Information and files storage there, you just send references to file and not sending large files to each other
‣ Working together in one file is possible, to have always current version and we who is doing what
‣ Calendar integration, to schedule calls
‣ Planner integration, to plan
‣ We in TEBIN use Microsoft Teams platform and Microsoft Office 365


If you move to digital world you processes should be changed. Now you start working with DATA but not with Documents and Drawings.
‣ Waterfall probably will not work (
‣ AGILE (SCRUM of KANBAN) or LEAN. Introduce agile frameworks in your organization, agility is so important
‣ SIMPLICITY. Make everything simple
‣ VISUAL REPRESENTATION. Make everything visible and clear. Visual boards, clears tasks with responsible person, deadline, definition of done and acceptance criteria’s
‣ FACILITATE PROCES. Introduce new roles like SCRUM MASTER to facilitate process. It will not fly themselves, people sitting in a different locations with not collaborate themselves, if not use it before, unfortunately
‣ Use TICKET system for setup tasks for teams and track issues and comets. Do not make just MoM in the Word or send tasks by e-mail. It is not possible to track
‣ We are in TEBIN AGILE and use SCRUM framework for large scale projects or KANBAN for small projects or combination for medium projects. We use Worksection as ticket system and BIM360 Issues for model / drawings comments and review


‣ Do not start with tools. Start with listed above important aspects of transformation only after that tools for that
‣ The biggest mistake is just buying tools, install and handover to people and think that it will work, you are done! it will not fly (
‣ Make sure that tools fit to your purposes listed above. Prepare requirements first!
INTEGRITY. Make sure that tools integrates with each other, can work together, import export is available, common formats …
HOW TO USE. Make introduction how to use it. Provide videos and webinars for team. Be available to support is any questions by users
START SMALL. Start with small functional and then slowly go deeper. Chose simple one.
READY TO CHANGE. Evaluate how people use it, and in case of not or difficulties to use – be ready to change tools if it’s not fly


You will say yes, engineering online is possible, however how about Construction, you have to stay on site! And it is true! You cannot physically build.
However you can use this time for proper preparation and save a lot of time for future construction by using VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) framework.
‣ Build twice – first virtual and then real
‣ Closing issues virtually in the warm office prior construction and real damages and failed works
‣ Coordinate with construction companies what will be build
‣ Make 4D Construction simulation. Connect BIM model with Construction Schedule, simulate and sole time and coordination clashes
‣ Markups for critical areas. Make detailed markups by using BIM, coordinate with construction company and then build and test in workshops environment
‣ Digital fabrication. Use well design and coordinate BIM models for fabrication without extra manual work
‣ Prefabrication. Increase potential of prefabrication in cleaned workshop environment, increase quality and reduce labor at the construction site, increase safety (steel, concrete structure, mechanical and electrical installations, cabling and piping, even complete showers!)

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO