VR is not a stand-alone technology that is designed to create a lifelike reality, it is the most immersive technology that builds-up a 360-degree stimulation.

VR can be a powerful tool in developing and implementation innovations in AEC industry. Especially, it gives opportunity to engineers, designers and architects “to understand the same thing at the same time” and make urgent changes during the project execution period.

#TEBIN actively implements VR into the Design Review that allows to control the efficiency during the whole project execution process: from initial conceptual design through detailed design, planning and preparation, to construction completion. In addition, VR-technology is synchronized with cloud models on BIM360 that lets team members to find visual clashes, estimate coordination issues, review complex systems and improve general project communication.


Our partners #WSP DEUTSCHLAND in Munich invited us to take participation in a workshop, which gives us possibility to analyze in details and present mutual projects for inner WSP team and guests.
Throughout the workshop we discussed the benefits of using VR in AEC:

  • saves time and money, as engineering team can control the process project execution;
  • creates high end graphics with grained details of an engineering product, video with a fast refresh rate and realistic movement;
  • provides a review at all stages to check for faults to avoid potential risks;
  • gives engineers opportunity to deconstruct prototypes when it is necessary and interact with them to make changes to the design from inside the model;
  • determines whether VR can be affordable to manufacture a product;
  • improves cross-team communication.

Incorporating VDC is changing the way of design building. It assists a better collaboration among the stakeholders, as every project participant has an access to see design ideas in the virtual space. In addition, VDC improves the clients experience, giving them possibility to control the construction work. As a result, it facilitates the efficiency of project management, keeping track of the work progress.

QI’s DeFant

Design engineers would love to see their designs from every angle, in super detail, and in stereo 3D from their precise perspective. It just makes a simulation so much better

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO
IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher.

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