Dynamo is a visual programming tool that lets designers and engineers create logic and adds behavior to a BIM to explore parametric designs and automate tasks. It binds with Revit to create very powerful workflows without needing to understand a programming language.

Visual programming with Dynamo as a part of daily BIM engineering

Our practice of using Dynamo for Data Management

In TEBIN we consider that ensuring that data stays at the center of the design-to-construction process, as well as connecting that information across architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) disciplines, can lead to significant efficiency gains for the industry.
Here are a few ways we are using Dynamo in TEBIN:
◎ data exchange from a third-party application to Revit software.
◎ connection of models for the earlier project development stages (Conceptual, Basic, Tender) with the project model for detail design stage;
◎ data export for the BoQ preparation;
◎ link of datasets and calculations reports into the BIM 360 project model
◎ improving BIM-enabled Facility Management implementation process (COBie implementation)

Value-added of Data Management for Client

◎ Information streamlining and integrated workflow: Transparent digital formatting of the information so that it’s shareable and updateable. Optimization of the information management process and coordination between design, engineering and systems providers.
◎ Accurate cost estimates: better decision-making and budgeting up-front through more accurate assessments of systems, estimated operational costs, accurate drawings, and fewer change orders.
◎ Better maintenance: BIM helps provide scenarios and schedules for maintenance and scalability of a building so that optimal performance can be maintained and so that new systems can be evaluated in the future.

Author: Roman Kostenko, Building Services Engineer | Digitalization & BIM team lead

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Our next development plans are implementation Visualization Techniques and Workflows of Power BI from BIM Model Data.
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