Trend and expectations from investors in construction industry related to BIM:

– Society recognize real world problem in growing efficiency in construction industry just around 1% only ☹
– lack of Date processing in construction industries. So, data driven is key
– Why? What? & How? – Now! New & Next!
– Technologies available
– Lack of qualified specialists
– Margins are less and less and risks are high
– Improve efficiency
– Improve processes, worst time is coming in the industry
– BIM for prefabrication
– Just in time – it is only in BIM
– BIM bring transparency to design and construction!
– Integration BIM with Construction and Operation process. Think in advance
– Building flexibility during lifetime

Change, is key! Why? Because it is time and real needs! What? Use new technologies! How? Think for the future!

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO
IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher.