Successful team building is a multi-process, which needs efforts and professional skills of every team member.

TEBIN is a great example of professionals consolidation from diverse fields with the same values. Every employee is a result-oriented person, who focuses on product and, furthermore, follows a main principle of co-working and collaboration. TEBIN team breaks down stereotypes with the help of agile, digitally-driven, and eager to challenges with passionate desire to improve the AEC industry.


Combining experience, more than 10 years together on the market, and using specific knowledge, opens for company the perspectives to provide quality engineering services in the industrial, health & nutrition, commercial and infrastructure spheres. Team members use only flexible approaches in meeting the challenges and implementing projects in a creative way.
TEBIN team actively takes participation in the different educational workshops abroad. By this way, it encourages to share knowledge, experience and practice with foreign partners. The employees of company share the opinion that only during the processes of collaboration and communication it is possible raise the level of AEC industry.


TEBIN is a client-oriented company, so the working process is built on digitally-driven mechanisms that save time and financial resources of partners and clients, guarantee them proficient results:

◆ high-quality engineering services;
◆ budget optimization;
◆ real-time economy;
◆ up-to-date collaboration and communication tools;
◆ innovative solutions in AEC.


Professional skills with diversity of interests make our team unique. We can get so creative results and unconventional decisions, which open a door to future!

Developers, innovators, architects, engineers, BIM-managers, VDC coordinators, modelers, scrum-masters, product owners, IT-specialists, project managers, business analytics, consultants, construction managers, financiers, entrepreneurs.

Musicians, runners, Ironmen, bikers, dancers, travelers, DIY people, fishers, painters, handmaders, sportsmen, hikers, kayakers, spacemen, Bitcoin traders, banknotes collectors, polyglots, cyclists, photographers, footballers, swimmers.

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO

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