Earlier , we already described the EРСМ approach of providing engineering, procurement services and construction management.
Any investment construction project includes many participants:
• Project Owner / Investor and his Local Representative,
• various Equipment Suppliers,
• General Designer and his Subcontractors, Specialized Design institutions,
• General Construction Contractor and its Construction, and Specialized Subcontractors,
• State and controlling authorities.
The process of well-structured information exchange and interaction between all participants is of paramount importance. All stages of a comprehensive investment project must be clearly understood for everyone!
At the same time EPCM contractor acts as the Owner (Customer) representative! He acts on his behalf within the framework of direct contractual relations between the Customer and the equipment suppliers and construction contractors. Each such construction contractor and / or equipment and technology suppliers has a direct contract with the Customer.

Strictly speaking, EPCM company is directly responsible for the management and administration of all works, for the distribution of responsibilities among all participants in the construction process. And for that, in fact, he gets paid.

But, it is of fundamental importance that the Customer can closely monitor the whole process. It is essential that ALL the participants in this process also can monitor and influence the successful implementation of the project.

And here it becomes obvious that such new technologies as BIM (Building Information Modeling) can serve as a tool for effectively solving this problem. At the same time, it can be said that there is no one in a better position from the point of view of the possibility to influence the successful implementation of the project than the position of the EPCM contractor owning BIM technologies!


BIM is not only a tool for building a 3D model of an object. This is only a small part of the whole process, which gives to everybody huge benefits. BIM technology is a process of collective creation and use of information about a construction object.
The BIM approach allows all participants in the process to have access to the same information at the same time through mutual interaction and based on a single technological platform.
That is why it is difficult to overestimate the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology! BIM minimizes risks and reduces the costs and time schedule of the project. That is, the BIM approach is the optimal process of 3D management and control of the investment construction project.
Under the supervision of experienced engineers and consultants of EPCM contractor, with this approach, the design and construction process are built as efficiently as possible. This considers the interests of all participants from the very first step. All clear 3D model of BIM project significantly reduces errors of intersections between different disciplines, simplifies the process of control and minimization of risks, guarantees correct planning and general cost reduction.
Currently, we at TEBIN are proud to present many examples of projects successfully implemented using building information modeling of industrial facilities, BIM-technologies. These projects may demonstrate all the advantages of such new approach in terms of saving resources, time, costs of all participants of the investment project.

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But what is most importantl, such an innovative approach to the construction of industrial facilities, leaves all the active project participants with a sense of great satisfaction of the project implementation process and the level of mutual understanding!