Why are successful businessmen doing sports? Why is it so important? What is the connection between business and sport? Can it be better to work longer and do more?
My choice and my favorite sport is a triathlon for long distances. You can consider separately running, cycling, swimming. This is the sport for endurance with a long load of 5 to 12 hours requires preparation, with an understanding of the training process and knowledge of at least bio-chemistry of the human body, and its get-up.

You can’t do this sport off-the-cuff:
· It is necessary to set ambitious and at the same time realistic goals;
· To have information and knowledge;
· Communicate with people who have this knowledge;
· Plan ahead for 3 years, year, week, day;
· Investing time and money;
· Follow the plan; discipline yourself (!);
· Correct plans when routine and unforeseen businesses are piled up;
· Analyze, draw conclusions, adjust plans;
· Learn and improve throughout the period;
· To love what you do and motivate yourself every day;
· Do something more than everything else around, to be able to accept / not accept the opinion of others that your actions are different from the whole mass and you are peculiar, not like everyone else;
· Bring plans to the end, and stop not when you’re tired and when everything is done! -we stop not when we are tired, we stop when we are done!
Why doesn’t it can be an approach to business? Or to life?
All the same:
1. SEE (dream, plan …)
2. DO (do it, bring it to the end, do not give up)
3. GET (get the result)
This is the life cycle of any product, service…

One without the other is not possible. You cannot just dream of not planning, just planning not to start realizing, you also have to start implementing without having a plan, to implement without finishing the task to the end or not following the plan, to implement without adjusting the plan and making conclusions…


In sports and business, everything is the same.
But the error cost is much cheaper in sports study. You risk only personal time and investment in sneakers, shorts or a maximum bike. This is not comparable to risks and investments in business.

In sports and in business, you get exactly as much as you invest. As a result, the most valuable and weighty are time and knowledge.
If you do sports 8-12 hours a week, work on your weaknesses, fulfill the plan, love what you do – you do run an Ironman less than 10 hours. If not – the temptations and the fear to do not do more than you desire to – you run an Ironman for more than 12 hours, or do not finish at all (‘cause there was pierced the wheel, or hot or hard.) But it’s hard always, always hard to differ from others or do more than all the rest, or stand for…

These skills are all needed in business (dreams, strategic vision, planning, discipline, communication, analysis, conclusions, and again all in a circle but better, without the same mistakes but with a new one …). It can be obtained by cycling sports for endurance!


It’s better to work more effectively! You have to start work with a fresh head, clean, not clogged with garbage. Otherwise, it’s all not effective (

Every day your head is hammered by a million unnecessary thoughts and debris that prevent you from concentrating on the important issues.As a result, you’re in this mess, instead of choosing an effective decision or effectively doing the work.

You need to switch to something else, to ensure that the head was always fresh, and there was no chaos. Perfectly, your choice shall be with physical, without mental stress but with repetitive motions.

I prefer running, riding a road bike or swimming! After a hard day’s work or sometimes after a difficult meeting – run an hour, a cool shower, and you again with a fresh and clean head, you can continue!

In sports, everything is built on training cycles:
Month: 3 weeks of training to increase the load; 1 week rest, exercise, but much less in recovery mode
Week: 6 days of training; 1 day you rest.
Day: You train in the morning or even in the evening; at night you rest and recover during sleep.

Your results grow when you are recovering and restoring. Your training becomes effective if there is a relax. Restoration and rest play a very important role, there will be no results without good rest.

The business has it, too: f you are relaxed and your head is clear – you are effective and your decisions are right and on time.

Автор: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO
IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher.