What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is one of the greatest subjects in construction, and more and more projects are ‘with BIM’.

Benefits of BIM technology

With BIM technology, the obtained models can be used for simulations, calculations, reports and analyses – which allows for verification of the consequences of any changes being done.

Values from BIM integration for our Clients:

• Improves productivity and reduces waste while keeping budgets in line.
• Reduces clash detection, omissions, and re-work errors such as re-keying information, or making changes to any given project model during design.
• Reduces conflicts, changes and the risk of costs overrun during construction;
• Operational costs are reduced because the design, construction, maintenance, and operation information is available throughout the life of the building.
• Creates confidence in budget and cost estimates.

The transformative strength of BIM is worth the effort. It is already a boon for many in the industry who are realizing increased, productivity, quality and efficiency.

Author: Roman Kostenko, VR Team Leader, Building Services Engineer.

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