It’s a dilemma to choose between work and personal life, comfort and something that can be stressful, family and intimate space…

It’s always very difficult to “pump” your personality and do something for the sake of somebody. However, it’s easy to develop yourself, but what should we do for anyone else? What is easier?
Today during a two-hour race with a newborn baby and a dog I had the same challenge. On one side, it’s necessary to get as fast as you can to the finish line in order not to call the baby, because competition will end very fast. And I can do this if I run the half-marathon less than for 1:30. On the other hand, it’s so important not to jade the dog, as it’s also a beloved member of family.
All of this is on the verge. It’s necessary to keep balance, as you love everybody, especially you need to take into account the peculiarities of both affected individualities and run until the end!
And the most interesting point is that you should just feel the process! You must be ready to bring changes to your plan if new obstacles appear! You should be ready to sacrifice one for the sake of another even if you like both things! And there is no concrete formula, because you should orientate on your feelings and intuition!

Today I got a great dose of energy! It took the second place after IRONMAN this year!

The conclusions:

Try to go out of your zone of comfort, take risks, but also control them. Encourage the support of your family and friends, as it will be very complicate without them! And then “anything is possible!” Only you can feel the balance, as everybody has its own level of balance. But at the same time you should understand that you will always sacrifice something!
Today, in my case , everyone did it to support me:
My wife – Olga Nikitina, my friends – Vladimir Kononskiy, who made the design of attribute and Maria Dmitrenko, who sewed the attribute, and my children who said “You will do this”!
Thanks to everybody!

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO
IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher.