4D modelling  is used as a tool of VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), which allows to  link the BIM 3D Model to time or scheduling data.

Nowadays 4D is actively being implemented in engineering and construction world. TEBIN applies BIM 4th dimension in order to visualize scheduling data and improve its quality and reliability. 


We use the SYNCHRO platform as it provides a single technology solution to accurately visualize, analyze, edit and track construction projects including logistics and temporary works. This visual and data rich environment engages all team members in a transparent way to optimize the whole process. In a 4D visual interface we can generate, correct, analyze and track changes during the project lifecycle. Being used on regular basis, it provides our project team with up-to-date information and allows to review, communicate and collaborate in an interactive digital environment. The result is sustained improvement, the elimination of waste and increased value.


TEBIN  utilize 4D technology in projects as a tool for planning construction activities, which enhances the ability to: 
◆ verify the accuracy of schedules logic;
◆ better evaluate and optimize each step of construction process based on 3D view in time;
◆ lead progress review meetings using the 4D model as the central hub of information for clear, collaborative and productive planning and decision-making with all stakeholders;
◆ report construction progress and delivery timelines;
◆ confirm the work put in place for billing purposes.


The draft schedule with the model pointed out logistic issues and conflicts. This made us think in greater detail of the exact timing of key elements; egress pathways, foundation phasing, notifications to the owner, scaffolding, crane placement, worker, and material access. It also flushed out critical activities that needed to be completed before the next activity could start.

CHS NE Modernization Bed Tower, Robins & Morton

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO

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