It was an intense and productive two days at Digital Construction Week!⚡️

Feeling incredibly inspired and motivated by the current trends! 🙌🏻

🌍 Many professionals who share a common goal were present: to create a better, smarter, more interesting, and modern world!
More about the event will follow later, but for now 👉🏻the main trends:
▪️ BIM and Data in Design & Engineering
▪️ Digital Project Management and Information Management
▪️ Virtual teams (partially done)
▪️ Agile teams (partially done)
▪️ ISO1950 1/2 BIM standards
▪️ Digital platforms and CDE
▪️ AI in Engineering and Construction
▪️ Virtual inspections, VR & AR
▪️ VDC, 4D, and 5D
▪️ Digitalization for site managers
▪️ Construction Cost challenges
▪️ Offsite manufacturing, DfMA
▪️ Net Zero, reducing waste
▪️ Digital Twins
▪️ Industry challenges and ideas on how to solve them
…and many other interesting topics.

👋🏻 It was a pleasure to meet the people who are the driving force in the industry. They actively follow trends and integrate them into their lives: Arthur Montillet from Dassault Systèmes, Alexandre Teplitxky from ALICE Technologies Inc., Sara Mehrabi from COWI, Ash Curzon from Revizto, Laura Bocchibianchi from GAMMA AR, John Priestland from C-Tech Club, Andrew Pryke form BAM UK & Ireland.

Let’s come together, embrace innovation, and create positive change! 🚀

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO

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