Corporate culture opens a possibility to organize a working atmosphere in an effective way.

It is an inevitable factor that has impact on how employees communicate, collaborate, interact, live. By the way, corporate culture provides a general vision on company’s values, mission and operational goals.

TEBIN develop a corporate system on both external and internal levels. We mold our identity. Our employees are unique and challenging individuals. Passion, digital drive and experience makes our team extremely powerful.

There are some basic factors that promote a corporate culture at organizational level and give TEBIN team members opportunity to share the certain ideas, expanding such fundamental principles as:


We take care of our products quality as we would like to be fruitful for our consumers and partners, developing the AEC sphere. We improve our learn capabilities and apply new methodologies in our engineering practice.


Each of our colleagues is conscious of the kind of impact he/she has on all aspects of society, including social, economic and environmental aspects. Moreover, TEBIN actively adopt CSR programs.


We recognize the common interests and sustained benefits that the company may have with its different stakeholders – employees, clients and business communities in which the company operates. Business people and engineers must work together daily throughout the project.


We become digital that save supply costs and improve the speed at which we share our work-related information. We develop and implement unique tools, that got to change AEC industry in our country.


Our employees are free to make proposals and take their own decisions in order to upgrade the existing organizational system.

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO