Virtual design and construction (VDC) aims to take advantage out of BIM information models as data source to optimize design and construction processes. The methodology goal could be described simply as to build twice – first virtual, then real: solve problems in offices so they will never go to construction site. The method requires a dedicated team of BIM coordinators, VDC specialists, Field supervisors directly on construction site, and with back-support of the engineering office.


Regular (weekly) coordination meetings help to bring together all project participants to discuss and address issues starting from early design stage. Proper meeting rules and clear timing contribute to more effective interaction between the customer, designers and general contractor.


#4D planning of construction works is realized by connecting BIM model with construction sequence data. It creates a common visible planning environment for project team, optimize and eliminate spatial collisions and find optimal solutions before the actual start of work.


#5D process combines the #BIM model and costs to create reliable project budget. Combined with sequence planning, we can better predict and manage the cashflow, optimize payments schedule, make proper financial planning based on actual design data.


Monitoring and tracking of design and construction progress are realized by using cloud solutions, where data is accessible to evaluate the overall pace of project implementation at any time from any device. Common data environment for collaboration of all stakeholders open new opportunities for timely decision making.


Drones, 360 cameras and webcams provide a great opportunity to obtain actual data from the construction site about work performed and its further use in #4D modeling. Construction progress is becoming visible to owners, managers, allowing them to make required decisions without delays.


Quick access to the analytical data extract enables project managers to get recent information in a convenient format at any time. #PowerBI is used to produce all kinds of reports – plan vs. fact of construction progress, issues statuses, delays statistic etc. is visual and ease to analize.

We at #TEBIN help our partners to be more efficient and deliver projects in the best quality that meets all the requirements.

Author: Volodymyr Yanushevsky, BIM manager

We will keep you posted! This will really be a leap into the future!