On September 19th, at the Poltava National Technical University, a lecture took place for senior students on issues related to Building Information Modeling, the introduction of this technology for designing engineering systems and the activities of TEBIN in this direction.

The lecture for students of HVAC department was conducted by Roman Kostenko (Talented HVAC engineer). During his lecture, he briefly introduced the TEBIN company, described in details the company’s experience in the field of engineering with the examples of completed projects and informed about trends in information engineering & modeling.

The visual material of the lecture was presented with the help of educational videos which demonstrate the possibility of integrating engineering projects into virtual and augmented reality.

Roman Kostenko also informed students about career opportunities at TEBIN. As company is always interested in collaborating with talented and inspired professionals.

Author: Roman Kostenko, VR Team Leader, Building Services Engineer.

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The lecture was held with the assistance of the candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor of the HVAC department Fediai B.N.