Life is a miracle. Our planet is a spectacular organism and every life is something incredible. Everyone can make the living better by their own means. TEBIN is all about it. We believe in the quality of work and business lifestyle that helps to grow and thrive.

Every complicated issue consists of small but very important components. We want to share some of our experience of making existence better.
Start from yourself! Make your personal commitment! Influence people around you by good example!


First of all, we can create less amount of waste (minimum plastic, reuse boxes etc.)

To think ahead of the action!

  • Figure out what is Smart sorting, e.g. what are the types of waste? Or even harder, what types of plastic do you know? & what you can do with every of these types of plastic?
  • Do you know that everything should be clean up / wash up before sorting?
  • Define where and how waste will be the utilized!
  • Use minimum paper (think before print! Go digital!)


  • Saving energy you save money and reduce negative environmental emissions!
  • Switch off lighting in the toilet, corridor, kitchen, meeting room, office when you leave!
  • Shut off the heating/radiator in the office, meeting room, your room when you leave!
  • Better, wear sweater instead of heating!
  • Turn off the computer when you are leaving!
  • Open the shuttles at the daytime and switch off lighting!
  • Use the LED lamps!


  • To stay clean easier than clean up
  • It is easy to change your boots in the office as you do it at home
  • To tidy the kitchen or the toilet after yourself, just in case)
  • It is simple to do not leave on the kitchen / at your desk dirty cups
  • We are all the small pieces of the great process

The company TEBIN, our Colleagues, Friend and Partners commit use all of our potentials to increase the life standards and minimize the poor influence on the environment.

Author: Diana Dolgodush, Finance Manager

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