We have found a perfect complementary partner in Europe! Purposeful architecture, sustainability, innovation, and digitalization – together we are closing the circle and making projects that add value!

CoA signed between creative architects SEMREN & MANSSON International and innovative engineers TEBIN. The agreement was signed in Dublin, where TEBIN starts new operations in September, by Maria Broman, CEO of S&M international, and Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO of TEBIN.

We believe in complementary cooperation between our companies, by combining the efforts of creative architects and innovative engineers, who are well-matured in the #BIM field. By this cooperation we can bring a new level of multidisciplinary architecture and engineering services, high-level BIM & VDC standard, for our clients globally, says Alexander Nikitin, CEO of TEBIN.

TEBIN is a leading engineering and consultancy service provider. We help our clients to boost their business through the power of innovations. TEBIN is an agile, enthusiastic, digitally-driven, and highly qualified engineering team with an innovative approach in the #AEC industry. We provide multidisciplinary BIM-based engineering services worldwide without borders and communication barriers.

Semrén & Månsson International. We see this as a great opportunity to be able to offer our customers a full package design together with a partner of the same focused mindset, complementing our functional and creative architecture and keeping all our ambitions throughout the project. We are always looking to extend and improve our services and, having worked in the industry for decades, we know how important reliable partners are to be able to give the full value to our partners. This cooperation is also a possibility for us to grow significantly in Europe. Together with TEBIN, we have the capacity, competence, and vision to provide high-quality design services from Ukraine and Poland to Germany and Ireland.

SEMREN & MANSSON – international architectural bureau constantly striving to evolve, think holistically, and better understand the world around, creating architectural value with care for current and future generations. With a deep respect for and engagement in our clients and their business models, together we make the right choice for the projects in aesthetic, environmental, and social aspects, caring about maximizing the benefit for both the developer and the society.

Both companies TEBIN and SEMREN & MANSSON have offices in Szczecin city in Poland, which will make cooperation smooth by having a f2f meeting on a short note. Other cities where the companies have representatives are Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmoe, Kyiv, Lviv, Warsaw, Belgrade, and Dublin.

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO

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