In recent years, value priorities have fundamentally changed.

We have begun the shift from an industrial to a global, more customer-oriented and information-based economy. 

Sudden and vital economic transformations force society to meet new challenges. We must keep up with current trends, we must change!
2020 is a period of new challenges that requires people to develop specific skills:

  1. complex problem solving;
  2. critical thinking;
  3. cooperation with other people;
  4. people management;
  5. creativity;
  6. emotional intelligence.

We have very different dreams and desires today, for example, we had 70 years ago. It’s nearly impossible to achieve a fulfilling life when you are just focused on food, shelter, and clothing. But, as soon as people are able to meet their basic needs, they start to want more and dream bigger.

The factory job is in the past. Instead now for us it’s quite important to get effective and meaningful results of our work, so we spend our days doing things that matter us and that we like.
In turn, employers have also changed their requirements for workers. For example, in the 1950s, the most demanded skills were: the ability to work quickly over a long period of time; the ability to memorize details and navigate space; arithmetic computation.

Today, other conditions dictate. Innovative thinking, independence and initiative are what we should strive for!

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO

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