Operational and process-oriented goals, such as cutting costs and boosting employee collaboration, are similarly significant in modern world.

Businesses expect digital transformation to improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration. #TEBIN team follows a principle that digital initiatives are being driven by collaboration.

Sharing of skills and communication practices is for TEBIN the data-driven decision in order to offer to our partners personalized experiences anytime and anywhere. This cannot be achieved without being digital.

We were invited by our partners and friends from #JSK architects w Polsce to hold together a workshop in order to share our knowledge and experience of BIM using in architecture engineering and construction, reveal our communication and collaboration methods.  The employees of our company share the opinion that it is necessary to raise the level of the AEC industry.

During the workshop we discussed the benefits of using BIM360 for AEC, up-to-date collaboration and communications tools, AGILE and SCRUM methodologies:

  • an access to actual data anytime and anywhere;
  • multileveled collaboration;
  • simple integration of data, apps and processes;
  • BIM360 products line;
  • BIM as it is;
  • effective ways of communication;
  • communication hubs (Microsoft Teams and Slack);
  • AGILE Engineering.


Yet in 2019, many engineering companies are still using outdated software for corporate communication and documentation. Services industries are primed for change. They need a paradigm shift fundamentally turning over how companies do business, stay competitive and relate to their customers and partners.
Much more than the adoption of new technology, effective digital solutions will boost growth innovation and customer satisfaction. Ignoring the communication and collaboration tools may leave even large players outside the market.

Let us speak to each other. Let us collaborate. Let us raise AEC industry to the highest level.

Author: Aleksandr Nikitin, CEO
IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher.