The process gives the ability to move around scene using virtual reality (VR), where you are actually able to physically move within the space and interact virtually with objects.

Virtual Reality (VR) as a part of BIM engineering

Virtual reality is a fully immersive, highly realistic experience. VR brings access to BIM (Building Information Modelling) data in immersive visualization environment and analyze factors like material type to develop effective building design in a real time with all details.

Our practice in VR

VR plays a key role in TEBIN’s engineering. With technology like the HTC VIVE™, our engineers can navigate through a virtual building in real time. Using Enscape for real-time visualization and rendering has enabled us to accurately communicate our engineering design intent to our clients and stakeholders. With Revizto’s advanced VR mode for Issue Tracker our team identify and manage issues in the 3D model, address to clash groups from Navisworks and resolve challenges in a real time on any device and in VR.

Values added of VR for Clients

· Helps client reach full potential of BIM;
· Better visualize and display exactly what buildings and environments will look like;
· Make walkthroughs and review sessions even more productive;
· Design and digital prototype can be explore in conditions visually close to the reality.

Author: Roman Kostenko, VR Team Leader, Building Services Engineer.

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Our next development plans are use VR for operators and maintenance personnel training in virtual environment, before they will step into realty with all risks and safety issues. Involve construction contractors on the early design stage to improve constructability and safety during construction.