Earlier, we already described how the EРСМ approach may be combined with BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology to guarantee a success of realization of complex investment construction project.

But here we would like just to remind you one of the Bible story, known as “Legend of Tower of Babel” (Genesis, chapter 11:1-9). Sure everybody remembers this.

According to this legend, after the Flood, humanity was represented by one people speaking the same language. From the east, people came to the land of Sennaar (in the lower reaches of the Mesopotamia – between Tigris and Euphrates), where they decided to build a city called Babylon, and a tower to the skies, in order to “make a name for themselves”.

Simply saying, people gathered together and said to each other: “We will build a city and a tower high up to Heaven, and we will make a name for ourselves!” Arrogant and wanting to glorify themselves, people zealously engaged in the construction…

But the God did not want it. Finally, the construction of the tower was interrupted by God, who made people speak in different languages, because of what they no longer understand each other, could not continue the construction of the city and the tower and scattered throughout the land.

Therefore, that place became known as “Babylon”, that is, “mixing” Then God scattered people from there over the whole earth…

Now, after appr. 5000 years we know for sure that in the Two Rivers (Mesopotamia), there were many such temples-towers, so the biblical legend, in principle, can relate to any of them. Appeared under the impression of such a grand structure as the ziggurat, which simply had the height of a modern multi-store building, it had to explain why people speaking different languages can’t realize successfully such a relatively simple (in modern construction industry terms) investment project!

Very interesting historical case! Even today, we see lots of investment construction project even more simple complexity, which failed during project realization, or realized with over budget, over time, and which is more dangerous, with complete dissatisfaction of all participants…

Coming back to our analogy, we may repeat that any investment construction project includes many active participants:

• Project Owner / Investor and/or his Local Representative,
• Main Technology Suppliers, various Equipment Suppliers,
• General Designer and his Subcontractors, Specialized Design institutions,
• General Construction Contractor and its and Specialized Subcontractors,
• State and controlling authorities,
• Other stakeholders and final consumers.

As our Bible history demonstrates, the process of well-structured information exchange and interaction between all these participants is of paramount importance for successful project realization. All stages of a comprehensive investment project must be clearly understood for everyone! But, it is of fundamental importance that ALL the participants in this process may monitor and influence the successful implementation of the project.

And here it becomes obvious that such new technologies in construction industry as BIM (Building Information Modeling) can serve as a tool for effectively solving this problem!

BIM is not only a tool for building a 3D model of an object. This is only a small part of the whole process, which gives to everybody huge benefits. BIM technology is a process of collective creation and use of common information about a construction object.

The BIM approach allows all participants in the process to have access to the same information at the same time through mutual interaction and based on a single technological platform (one language!). That is why it is difficult to overestimate the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology!

But what is most important, such an innovative approach to the construction, leaves all the active project participants with a sense of great satisfaction of the project implementation process and the level of mutual understanding!

Please note, by saying this, we do not want to change our history. And we also don’t want to say, that our history would be different in case of our forefathers should use BIM technology during such an ambitious project as “Tower of Babel”. Not at all.

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But, what we want to say: may be current BIM technology is one of the small step close to that language which people were speaking to each other before starting construction of “Tower of Babel”?